There are Leave voters, as well as Remainers, who believe that the team chosen to deal with Brexit is so poor that it was deliberately selected to thwart the process. Though an amusing idea, I'm not convinced that this is true. However, whether by design or ineptitude, what we have seen from Theresa May and her team so far hasn't lifted her from the characterisation of Queen of the Omnishambles.
Why should blagging be seen as something negative? Blagging is thinking on your feet. Cheekiness is doing it with a bit of charm and an element of dishonesty is always present in business - only the most naive would lay all their cards on the table. So why on earth would some women wish to distance themselves from blagging?
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omnishambles noun, informal a situation that has been comprehensively mismanaged, characterized by a string of blunders and
Shadow chancellor Ed Balls has sought to capitalise on internal Lib Dem leadership squabbles by sending a strong overture
Those of us on the left who were sceptical of the coalition must concede at least one thing: they are certainly efficient.
Forget David Cameron's alleged resemblance to Iggle Piggle from In The Night Garden. These days it seems like the PM resembles
There's been a lot of debate about THAT Newsnight interview. If I'm honest, the programme's appeal has diminished for me over recent years.
"Isn't it stupid to vote?" asked Tory MP Helen Grant, kicking off PMQs. This was not how she'd intended to start proceedings
GAY MARRIAGE Something that's already been kicked into the medium-long grass, the consultation on this will continue for