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Harry Styles shows no sign of stopping with his tattoo obsession, unveiling the latest addition to his rapidly growing collection
Despite the One Direction boys' love of getting tattooed, Niall Horan has so far managed to resist the temptation to get
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Harry Styles has debuted a new look for his ankles, with the lyrics to George Michael's 'Careless Whisper' etched across
Louis with his old band The Rogues But his new tribute tat isn't his only fresh ink, as he looks to have had a massive new
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What is it about Harry Styles and tattoos, eh? The One Directioner is showing no signs of slowing down with his body art
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One Direction have revealed their mothers have been getting the needle over their dedication to tattoos. The group have dozens
Quite why One Direction are insisting on covering their bodies in naff tattoos is still a mystery to us, but they're still