one-night stands

I am a traveler. I enjoy navigating foreign terrain. And I am typically a serial monogamous, years of long-term relationship after long-term relationship with desert in between. Due to this, the rules of this type of playground are very foreign to me.
What's your one night stand etiquette? Is it the walk of shame or the stride of pride? Your behavior after a one night stand
Could that perfectly timed phone call REALLY have been that 'important'? There's many more controversial/offensive ways to describe him emptying his sack quicker than Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, but they all mean the same thing. However, putting a nice spin on things doesn't hide the adult truth.
It's not called STI January for nothing - this month, after a season of beer/rum/whisky/mulled wine goggles, the price for
Well, you did it again. Was it the tequila, the summer heat, or just the fact that you never let an itch go unscratched which led you to be opening your eyes very slowly and staring up in mild discomfort at a ceiling you've never seen before?
At match we've had office romances among our staff and never found it compromised people's professionalism or ability to do their job. It had quite the opposite effect and we found that when relationships developed into long-term partnerships it resulted in happier and more relaxed employees.
We've all been there. You wake up, slightly disoriented, amid bed linen which feels unfamiliar. Strange sounds emanate from a mass not too far from you. As you open each eye slowly, cursing them for the amount of time they're taking to adjust to the light, you realise you've done it again - you're back at theirs, for the first time. It's the morning after the night before.