one pound fish

The man made famous by his "One Pound Fish" song has been given a hero's welcome on returning home to Pakistan, after his
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I can remember from my personal school days, the bullying children encouraging a rather overweight boy to sing and dance. He relished the opportunity to perform, and his act was greeted with great applause and laughter, and yet he couldn't see that they were laughing at him. This is a crude analogy, but it is rather the same thing. Negative celebration. Psy, and One Pound Fish Man, (the latter admittedly to a lesser extent,) have been heralded by millions, set up, and subsequently laughed at.
'X Factor' reject £1 Fish Man has debuted his first music video. Muhammad Shahid Nazir, now known as £1 Fish Man, appeared
There are catchy tunes, then there's this east London market seller's 'One Pound Fish Song' - a song so catchy you may well