The problem isn't, therefore, that women aren't competitive. The problem is that, in our society, they're smart and able enough to see that they're unlikely to win. And who in their right mind would enter a contest in the belief that they'll lose?
Not wishing to brag or anything, but I have a friend who works for a large investment bank. He recently snapchatted me a picture of his new Rolex (I assume time was of the essence when he felt compelled to broadcast the purchase). Aged 23, he appears to have decided the time was right to visit a Mayfair dealer and purchase a vintage timepiece with some of his £70,000 plus salary.
What we can blame Facebook for is how relentless this endless one-upmanship is - and it's perhaps this point that relationships author Zoe Strimpel intended to make when she said that single women should avoid it at all costs.