Top of the list is asparagus. In the 16th century, it was widely believed that the shape of a particular food, gave a clue as to what it could be used for. Hence the phallic shape of the asparagus spear meant it must be good for sex.
Onions: you probably hate them. Because let's face it, while they might make your dishes taste great, they also make your
We've been chopping onions for years but each time we're still approach the task like grannies at a stop sign - cautious
My finger hovers over the image of 'loose onions'. Could I get away with it? Avocados are pretty expensive. My heartbeat rises and I peer out of the corner of my eye at the security guard by the door. ..
Not only do vegetables look like our bits they can heal them too. Okay hear me out. This is something I have discovered this
A woman has survived after being buried under 20 tonnes of onions and garlic in China. A truck overturned on the woman, who