online bullying

Hannah Smith was bombarded with vile messages telling her to kill herself. Posts on the website told her to drink
A Conservative MP has said the government should stop youngsters from owning smartphones if they are caught using "sexting
Cyberbullying presents a vicious circle for educators and parents who are often cutout of the process without even the knowledge of the bullying taking place. Traditional bullying is far easier for parents and educators to intervene in. Educating students and parents alike about the dangers of Internet usage and ensuring the lines of dialogue and support remain open must be a top priority for educators as part of their pedagogic duty.
When should children be allowed onto Facebook? The site says it only accepts users over the age of 13. New research published this week by Internet security giant McAfee and the Anti-Bullying Alliance says that most children use the Internet away from their parents' watchful eyes (which I can quite understand).
Every single human has something beautiful about them. The beauty spot on the lip, their hazel golden eyes, their rosy cheeks or big cheesy grin. And that's just on the outside. We need to tell our children they are beautiful but we need to define beauty as inside as well as out.
A shocking number of children are victims of online bullying, according to a new survey. The report, published by national
Gibraltar's chief minister has had death threats against him and his family made by Spanish twitter trolls, with racist tweets
A Scottish teenager who killed himself was being blackmailed via Skype, thinking he was talking to a girl his age, his family
There is an insidious problem with online behaviour - many parents and professionals feel flummoxed about what to do to tackle online behaviours. We mustn't. Just like our offline lives we can and must nurture the courage, confidence and skills to shut down, disable accounts and walk away.
The founders of the website linked to the suicide of teenager Hannah Smith said they could reveal the names of anonymous