online bullying

Facebook is the worst social networking site for internet trolling, and bullying is now more prevalent online than anywhere
David Cameron's new advisor on childhood, Claire Perry MP, says parents should take clearer responsibility for seeing what their children are saying on Facebook and texting on mobile phone, but i'm not sure spying is the answer.
Convictions for internet abuse have more than doubled in the space of five years alongside the enormous growth in popularity
Cheryl Cole is the latest star to come forward and speak out against online bullies. The singer has revealed she has been
Our whole world has shrunk since the internet became so easily accessible. Unfortunately, there is a dark and dangerous element to the wondrous world of instant communication.
Teachers are facing death threats, abuse and allegations of serious crimes by pupils and parents through social networking
JLS' lives have changed rather dramatically since coming second on The X Factor in 2008 - but their success has come at a
Lady Gaga is now initiating a movement committed to inspiring youth to love more, to be brave and stand up for others, and resist the urge to engage in the casual cruelty and meanness so often expressed in the digital world. This was more than a sermon; this was becoming a rallying cry.
Hundreds of thousands of young people are being subjected to cyberbullying, with many being victimised for a year or more
One of the downsides of being a "celebrity" Tweeter is the preponderance of people who seem to hang about in dingy bedrooms in their dirty underwear "trolling". A troll is somebody who sends abusive tweets, often to celebrities- some are simply negative comments on a career, others are far more abusive and personal. Accepted practice is "do not feed the trolls". The general feeling is that these low-lives need the attention and that by replying or interacting with them you are giving them what they want. I beg to differ.