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Many people often look at the negative side of starting a business (if there's such a thing in my opinion!). A fear of failure. A fear of success. Getting out of your comfort zone. An unstable income. Working 24/7. If you've always dreamed of starting your own business but keep making excuses, here are the 5 reasons to follow your dreams, take the plunge and become an entrepreneur.
My resolution this year was to leave my job, which was a very stable job managing a mobile phone shop, and start up my own business online.
Cyber Monday is hitting Britain on 2 December, offering an online retail extravaganza just after Black Friday saw shoppers
Obviously these ideas are nothing new (hello Karl Marx), but personally I think he's spot on about the apathy and disenchantment felt by the public about a political system that seems to serve the few, not the many and that he's got his finger on the pulse of potent frustration among the electorate in the UK and indeed much of the Western world.
Having a good digital footprint for your small business is absolutely essential in the modern age of information technology
I grew up in the North of England with white middle-class Tory voting parents. I went to private school and was encouraged
Company after company, council after council and QUANGO after QUANGO are still frittering huge sums of money every year. Many agencies are selling inferior services - unquestioned, unchecked and often unaccountable. There is almost no joined up thinking.
Facebook received an early birthday present in the late hours of Wednesday night after it was revealed the social networking
More than half of UK businesses expect to lose data, but won't beef up their security systems despite the threat of fines
Amber Atherton is the founder of online jewellery business MyFlashTrash. As well as modelling, readers may also recognise