Online Child safety

Teenagers really don't know it all. We think that because they spend all day on the computer that they understand tech, but many leave school with an insufficient understanding of basic security measures or what software or "code" even looks like - let alone how to write it
This week is Anti-Bullying Week so I've been hunting around on the internet (safely obvs) to find the best advice about how to prevent, and deal with bullying - particularly cyberbullying.
I would like to call to the future Prime Minister to focus on the importance of this issue. In the next four years they could make a significant positive impact on the safety of our children, and enable industry to act responsibly but still thrive commercially.
Prime Minister David Cameron has spoken of his fears as a father over internet safety as he launched an international crackdown
Whatever the outcome of the debate, technology can't replace parenting. And the greatest benefit of the debate is, to my mind, that it is raising awareness among parents and guardians about the risks and the protection already available to frame children's online experience in a safe way.
Children are using false ages online and seeing restricted adverts for overtly sexual dating sites, gambling, alcohol and