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We're looking for the best stuff that's been online this year - and we need your help.Bill Gates wrote in 1996 that "Content is king", and he was right. Advertisers and Internet users have both learnt that the way to get noticed online is by making something people like enough to share...
Comics have always been storyboards. In the absence of today's tech, writers and artists had to find ways to nudge the reader's attention to the right word balloon, to make them parse and run the images cinematically in their mind without the intrusion of a storyboard's zoom lines and motion arrows.
Unfortunately, not everyone knows this little secret. Many people find networking events intimidating, especially those who, like me, have built a career online, protected by the web. But many savour every single event on their social calendar, load up their weapons, and get ready to stalk their prey.
Quality content reigns supreme for anyone managing their reputation online. Whether you're protecting your brand and image or promoting it, without distributing new content on a regular basis, you can quickly be misrepresented on search engines.
Since October we've seen a number of new initiatives about how we and our families navigate the internet. The Bailey Review, published in June, recommended, among other things, that it should be easier for parents to block adult and age-restricted digital material.
Interviewed recently, Peter Dawe, founder of the IWF, recalled early internet companies were in the mode of "frontiersman". It is true that they were - the internet may be ubiquitous now but then it was a new, uncharted but promising territory.
In this dynamically changing industry, we are seeing many traditional titles move online only, and a host of others looking to enhance their online presence and digital strategies.