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A man in Taiwan has died after playing online games for three days straight. The 32 year old man was found dead in an internet
An American man has been jailed for life for travelling to the UK in a bid to murder a teenage woman who he had met through
A gamer got the shock of his life while playing the popular online game Counter-Strike when a fully-armed SWAT team raided
Amazon just bought the gaming video network Twitch for just under $1 billion. You knew that. Google almost (but didn't) get
Unless you are directly involved in the gaming community, you may be oblivious to the rapidly growing phenomena known as eSports. And, assuming you aren't a self-proclaimed techie, your ignorance could be forgiven. But If there was ever a time to sit up and take heed of the eSports juggernaut, then that time is probably now.
It was during a cooperative online match of Mass Effect 3 (one of my favourite online games from the last few years) that I was reminded that I was a girl. Not that I had necessarily forgotten that I had to sit down to wee, but I had forgotten that my sex could be an issue.
A Chinese couple are awaiting trial after they reportedly sold both their newborn children to child traffickers in order
GTA Online launched on Tuesday, amid a predictable perfect storm of massive interest, server collapses and various forms
GTA 5 has only been out a week, but Rockstar has already released the next great Grand Theft Auto game - and this one might
Frustrated online Scrabblers are left with is the unwelcome sight of a new version of the Facebook-hosted game which some have described as "brash" and "vulgar". The rankings they have built up over long periods of participation, some players having many games on the go at any one time, have been lost, utterly and without warning.