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If there's one thing that working with data teaches you, it's to expect the unexpected. After all, it's easy to look at data sets and extrapolate the obvious conclusions that stand out from the most glaring statistics. But what if the real value of the data was to be found elsewhere?
Tween girls want to exercise their aspirations, to explore and express their creativity as well as to develop and learn. Enter online gaming, once dominated by (and traditionally marketed to) males, but now includes offerings specifically for girls, meeting all of these needs.
On the opening day of the trial, one focus of the prosecution was the revelation that Anders Breivik played World of Warcraft, an online immersive virtual reality game, apparently almost "full-time" for a year.
You've saved up, endured all the trailers, found the best price on your much hankered-for new game and then WHAM. Some 13
Traditional family fun appears to have gone out of the window this Christmas. Not only did thousands give up Boxing Day to
RAAM's Shadow, the biggest ever Gears of War add-on is released today on Xbox Live with new campaigns, weapons and three
RAAM’s Shadow Gears Of War