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The online and television media showed “clear and consistent bias” against Jeremy Corbyn at the start of the Labour leadership
More than a quarter of people told us that they'd go elsewhere if video wasn't available at their preferred news source. This isn't surprising. Remember how "chimney cam" became compulsive viewing as we waited while the conclave elected a new pontiff? Now imagine it without the chimney. Or the cam.
If good game design aligns positive feedback with user objectives to create intrinsically rewarding experiences, then where has the gamification of news websites gone wrong? And, how can we rethink it, putting the user experience first?
There will always be times that journalism tests and even breaks the law: whether to expose corrupt MPs by buying stolen data or to unveil royal hypocrisy by procuring a transcript of an adulterous phone conversation.
LONDON - With the invasion of Iraq some 10 years ago, the BBC began to solicit listener comments around big news stories
Traditional media companies everywhere are in turmoil. Most are caught somewhere between maximising (as best they can) profits from declining media 'channels' - and investing in businesses that just might become the next big thing.
Take the recent news of Steve Jobs' death; how many of the obituaries were an homage and how many were simply for hits? By removing the immediacy of the internet Carr hopes to retain editorial integrity, they'll only write about the things that they deem important, and they'll write about them in the style that they want to.
As the global news media shifts from pulp to digital, cries of "Stop the press!" seem destined to fade into golden, halcyon