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Recent research by the NSPCC found that young people are as likely to see online porn accidentally as search for it, and that repeated viewing can lead them to see porn as realistic. Exposing children to porn at a young age, before they are equipped to cope with it, can be extremely damaging to their developing understanding of sex and relationships.
But Ms Holmes said the campaign group is "really encouraged that change is afoot." "Brit feminists banging on about Page
The Prime Minister, who has been vocal in his support of a campaign to ban online pornography, has reiterated his stance
David Cameron has faced a wealth of questions about his proposed online porn crackdown - including whether 50 Shades of Grey
David Cameron has been accused of double standards after announcing a crackdown on web porn - but refusing to condemn Page
Watching online porn can interfere with your short-term memory, researchers have found. The German study saw a test group
Labour's Harriet Harman has hit out at the government's decision not to force internet service providers (ISPs) to automatically