open public services

I know that a few public sector bodies are developing collaborative alliances with the voluntary and community sector rather than simply contracting with it. However, in reality, the latter are in a small minority and the trend, sadly, is in the opposite direction.
This week the TUC has an opportunity to set out a new agenda for public services. It can and should challenge the Coalition Government's obsession with market based approaches. It also has to be ready to challenge some of the trade union movement's own prejudices.
In my opinion, a contemporary public sector leader should think very hard and analytically before assuming outsourcing is the most effective and efficacious way of either improving the quality or reducing the cost of public services.
In my opinion in these difficult financial times, it is imperative that the voluntary and community sector and councils work even more effectively together. They must strive to find common cause and not fall out.
Over the last few decades, there has been an increasing trend to contract businesses to deliver public services. This trend, of course, goes back decades and indeed centuries but began to accelerate during Mrs Thatcher's Government and continued at an even greater pace during Tony Blair and Gordon Brown's thirteen years.
There can be no excuse for delay in introducing bold reform to ensure the accountability of all public service provision.
The long-delayed Open Public Services White Paper finally appeared on Monday July 11th, but hardly anyone noticed. Why is a comprehensive policy framework needed?
The long delayed government White Paper "Open Public Services" finally arrived, although few noticed as it was drowned out by the sound of Rupert Murdoch's empire collapsing.