operation black vote

Lord Simon Woolley, founder of Operation Black Vote, told HuffPost UK: “Black people around the world will sleep easier tonight."
MP David Lammy described the snub as “institutional prejudice”.
To some people the revelation that just 3% of Britain's most powerful and influential people are from an ethnic minority might not be that surprising. The image of white men in old school ties sitting in oak-paneled rooms is as old as empire itself. Yet when you consider the increasingly rapid pace of change by which the country is becoming racially-diverse it is clear that a modern country can ill-afford to keep the bastions of power as the exclusive preserve of the privileged.
Poster of 'thug' pointing angrily at Asian woman is 'sectarian' reckons Ukip leader
A provocative EU referendum poster featuring an elderly Asian woman being berated by an "aggressive thug" has been condemned
Lady Warsi is not a political maverick. She is sharp, charismatic and she speaks her mind. As such, she has brought a distinctive appeal to the Conservative Party, traditionally viewed as led by a white middle (or upper) class elite.