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1992 is one of the great election mysteries. Here are the opinion poll blunders and unexpected swings in recent history.
The arbitrary and indiscriminate target has been missed every quarter since its introduction in 2010
Six point lead across both online and phone poll
Growing momentum for 'Brexit' has been underlined by a new pair of polls giving a six-point lead for the Leave campaign. Both
Ukip undoubtedly attracts supporters from all walks of life - a party polling strongly just three months before a General Election must - but our Ukip Index illustrates the types of voters most likely to have been won over.
Demographically, Green Party support clearly skews younger - with those aged 18-24 much more likely to support the party than any other age group. Those aged 45+ are less likely than average to support the party...
Advertising watchdog launches probe into 'racist van' Support for the Home Office's controversial 'go home' vans is on the
Were you just imagining Nick Clegg wearing speedos? You are now. The Liberal Democrat chief is the party leader the British
For the first time in the current parliament, more people would vote for Britain to stay in the European Union than to leave.
More than three in five voters support David Cameron's wish to introduce gay marriage, according to a poll conducted for