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Let's face it, times are tough. The economic situation has just about every corner of life reeling with uncertainty and motor
While the following information isn't much of a secret or big strategic initiative, it sometimes seems like it is when you juxtapose it with what formula One is currently doing to promote itself.
In the Formula One version of musical chairs, the music may be close to stopping and the vacant seats are few. Today's announcement
Lotus Renault GP announced the signing of world champion Kimi Raikkonen for 2012. The elusive Finnish driver has reputation of being a disengaged employee and yet his fans are some of the most ardent in the business.
The Circuit of the Americas group offered a press release earlier today stating they have proffered a contract to Formula One Management's (FOM) Bernie Ecclestone that was inclusive of the initial payment for sanctioning fees to host the race in Austin in 2012 should the F1 boss agree to it.
On the Xbox 360, for example, there are around 800 games available. Of these, according to Co-Optimus.com, only 61 allow for split screen co-operative play of the main game campaign. And out of these, only seven permit four players simultaneously. Seven out of 800. That is less than 1%. And most of those were Guitar Hero / Rock Band games.
No one expects them to make a leap from where they are now to winning the title in 2012 and if they can do it, then good for them but perhaps prudence is a better strategy and patient building upon a solid design and solid driver lineup will reap bigger rewards over the next two years in which they can build.
Several months ago a new venture in Austin Texas was announced. Formula One would return to America. The excitement was tempered with a heavy dose of skepticism because few knew who Tavo Hellmund was and we'd just survived the failed USF1 team's still-birth.
In the bad old days of computing, in the 80s and 90s in particular, many, many software programs were written by developers who excelled at IT, were very nerdy, not commercially minded and got the product finished and out of the door. It usually was shipped to the customer with a massive thick doorstep of a manual that made you feel it could solve any stumbling block you threw at it - except it didn't. Ever.
Let's face it, India has a Formula One race because it has potential for economic growth, marketing appeal and someone over there had a wad of cash to invest in a purpose-built circuit in the Noida region in which to hold an inaugural race. Dust, dogs, bats, mice and more all congealed to make last Sunday's race one for the history books.