This is the story behind the teller. I work 7 days a week. I have four (and a half) jobs. I am an academic mentor at a Sixth Form College, a Private Tutor, a Nanny, a Blogger and a Postgrad Student all in one. Honestly, sometimes it feels like I literally have no life.
As the Paymaster General concluded, "It's harder to climb the ladder of opportunity if the rungs are further apart. We've got to put more rungs in that ladder." This Government is already putting rungs on the ladder and will continue to, so that more people can start to climb. The Conservative Party truly is the party of opportunity.
How many times have you cried over some bellend only for a mate to say 'bebz, he ain't worth it, you are worth ten times him.' So you would think, by now, we should all know what we have been preached on, we should all have some idea what were worth. But I don't have a scooby .
Businesses clearly have a long way to go before there is equality in the boardroom. But market forces rather than quotas are a large part of the answer.
It's common knowledge that the current jobs market is competitive to say the least, with youth unemployment on the rise. The controversy surrounding unpaid internships then is illustrative of the dilemma many graduates face, stuck between a rock and a hard place where the need to earn money is in conflict with the need to gain experience in their field of interest.
I am not one to put faith in gender stereotypes, but with careers such as nursing, biological research and social work drawing a much higher proportion of females, I am lead to question whether the perception of engineering as a "heavy" industry, almost sterile of human interaction is putting women off.
Having expelled a fair chunk of energy on an email drive to various media agencies, the length and breadth of the UK, trying to find work or at least establish whether these guys would be open to a wine writer within their ranks, it's time to broaden that search. Honestly, the tumbleweed has been rolling and the silence has truly been deafening.
Youth. Our British youth. Our future. They are lost and will remain lost because the government refuses to see the impact before its too late. But they don't need us to give them the same map that we used.
With our first summer season done and dusted, we have finally come up for air and got ourselves back on track since launching the van in the spring. We have slept, eaten and tidied like never before and now we are ripe and ready for autumn in the city and beyond.
To those struggling to find work, or perhaps work that they truly value or engage with, I would say this: find your passion, find an idea, go after it with all you have and don't listen to the people who tell you you are mad