oral sex

A woman who's ex-boyfriend blogged about how much he hated giving her oral sex has written an open letter to her former partner
Recently my ex-boyfriend wrote an article entitled "Why I don't go down on girls." Naturally my heart sank, a common experience for anyone who was once in a relationship with a writer from the Tab. One point to get out the way: the facts are simply not true...
UPDATE: Lloyd's ex-girlfriend Rhianna Kemi has since published an exclusive blog on HuffPost UK in response to his article
The heterosexual women that Scarcella interviewed explained that oral sex required a greater level of vulnerability and they felt more comfortable giving, rather than receiving sexual pleasure. Scarcella concluded that straight women need to have more self confidence and more body confidence.
Smith’s comments come as the mayor of Calvia announced new legislation to crack down on pub crawls. Manuel Onieva condemned
A Ugandan tabloid has published what it is terming a list of the “200 top homos” just a day after the country’s president
Cancers at the back of the tongue and in the tonsils have become more common over the past 20 years, with many of these linked to HPV 16 infection. Some experts believe that one of the main ways the virus spreads to the back part of the mouth and throat is through oral sex.
Rarely are there stories in the news about cancer that raise any sort of a smile. But the recent revelation by Michael Douglas
Rappers get a bad rap. Well, this is the message that resonates from the recent news that Detroit-born rapper Danny Brown received a blow job on stage when he was performing in Minneapolis last Friday.
Legendary porn star Ron Jeremy is recovering from surgery after experiencing an aneurysm close to his heart. The 59-year
A Brazilian man has accused his wife of trying to kill him by putting poison in her vagina and inviting him to have oral
Semen is good for your mental and physical health, a study has found. Whether it enters the body orally or via unprotected