Cash has also gone to groups working in housing, mental health and support for LGBTQ+ refugees.
“There’s no organisation, it’s piss-poor performance as usual," one driver, who made a 100-mile round trip to the Doxford Park site, said.
The anti-racist organisation Tell MAMA said there was a 375% increase in anti-Muslim incidents the week after the now-PM compared veiled Muslim women to “letterboxes”.
The Duke of Sussex was visiting the YMCA South Ealing to learn about the organisation's work on mental health and homelessness, when he decided to drop into a ballet class for six-year-olds… and show them how it’s done.
What I can’t help but feel discouraged by is that despite a solid commitment to change, this year’s results have demonstrated just how resilient bias can be.
Tech giants have left news outlets competing for advertising crumbs, putting at risk the kind of public service journalism our democracy needs to survive
It also offered tips on what to wear to “accentuate curves”.
Here's why the organisation's equality and diversity policy is hitting headlines.
Drugging sea creatures isn't right, says the animal rights organisation.