It’s well known that it generally takes women longer to orgasm than men, but turns out there is still a lot of confusion
Trust us. You’re one step away from looking as if you’re about to have a giant poo.  9. Faking orgasms is tied to insecurity
A woman has revealed her secret to orgasmic bliss on Reddit. And the internet is pretty damn happy about it. Reddit user
Deen was once quoted with Good Men Project saying that participating in rough, punishing sex made him feel "icky". But perhaps he was role-playing in that interview too. Either that or he was foreseeing the adjective that thousands of his viewers are describing themselves as feeling after once enjoying his content. Myself, very much included.
We've all heard of the G-spot, but there's still some scientific uncertainty around the topic: some studies claim it doesn't
Friday was World Sexual Health Day. A healthy relationship with your own body and sexuality is the basis of a healthy, fulfilling sex life. Masturbation should be celebrated just as much as partnered sex. So, here are three unusual ways to take pleasure in the solo orgasm.
The idea of pleasuring a woman can frazzle any person's brain (some women included). And it's nothing to be ashamed of. I
Tips for a better orgasm If you're having a bad time in the bedroom department then fear not. According to LELO, you can