For many young people, Orlando will be the largest attack on LGBT people that has happened in their lifetime. It certainly is for me. As with many, I may have been alive in 1999 when the gay bar in London the Admiral Duncan was nail-bombed, killing three and injuring 70 - but I didn't watch the news when I was 7, so it doesn't sit in my mindset like Orlando does.
Phones were ringing in the pockets of dead bodies this weekend, as people tried to contact their loved ones amidst breaking news of a shooting at an Orlando gay bar. That's how one witness described the scene: the indelible sound of various ringtones buzzing simultaneously on the dance floor - calls that would, ultimately, never be answered.
Hartley-Brewer has been at the centre of a backlash on social media over the Sky News segment, with MP Diane Abbott telling
'Our silence does not honour the victims, it mocks them.'
The world changed this weekend, not just for the gay community but for humanity as a whole. 50 people were murdered for simply being who they are.