A lot more must also be done to achieve parity of esteem between vocational and academic qualifications. Student's mustn't feel that achieving a university degree is something they have to do, even if their talents are best utilised elsewhere.
Mr Osborne's portfolio For lovers of humbug, the comments on George Osborne's appointment to the editorship of the Evening
A one nation government should be about moderation, carefully thought through policy which does not over-burden one strata of society, and tacking to the centre. There is much in that would describe many historic Conservatives from Macmillan to Heseltine, and who knows, perhaps Stephen Crabb will seek to lay claim to that territory. At present, however, it does not describe the Chancellor or the course the government has taken since the summer budget.
It was a shoddy budget from a shabby chancellor. And judging by his past performance, he'll have got all his numbers wrong as well. Remember J.K. Galbraith: 'The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.'
I don't profess to be a world-leading economist. But it doesn't take a Nobel Peace Prize in mathematics to see that these proposals to solve the care crisis just don't add up and won't come close to plugging the gap.
This Budget may be likely to reduce the growth in the size of the state. But the Government will still wield huge power to create the conditions in which clean, green enterprise can flourish.
Nick Prettejohn, the City grandee who advised Chancellor George Osborne, is reportedly a top contender to be the next chairman
George Osborne's Budget may have been aimed at helping the "doers" in Britain, but the government's independent forecaster
George Osborne will have to either cut deeper or raise taxes to fill a £20 billion gap in the public finances, according
The Chancellor may feel he only needs to announce tiny symbolic policy moves, given the recovery the economy is finally enjoying. But the government has so much more to do, particularly on the "PIM" policy areas of planning, immigration and money, if he wants to improve the long-term prospects for the UK's economic wellbeing.