Oscar Pistorius Trial

A South African judge has ruled that prosecutors can appeal Oscar Pistorius' acquittal on murder charges, after he was convicted
Everybody likes a good story of courage and overcoming the odds. But we are misguided to assume that excellence in a sport or in a public forum also means excellence in life, in living, and in the task of being human. What is truly courageous, basketball star Charles Barkley once said, is "a father or mother who gets up every morning to go to work to put food on the table for his family."
Katie Price has revealed that she received direct messages from Oscar Pistorius during his trial for the shooting of his
As the judge in the Oscar Pistorius trial sentenced the athlete for manslaughter, there was another drama taking place online
My fear is the televised cases are only going to be those that draw in an audience because broadcasters are commercial animals. They need viewing figures. Thus the celebrity jungle, which has become more and more unedifying in recent years, will have another wild beast out of control and out of kilter with reality.
To me, it seems the major distinction in the judge Vs jury debate is this: Judges have to answer to people, their profession and the media. Those on jury service have only to answer to their own consciences. Which is better? I have no idea. But it seemed like a fitting time to ask the question.
Oscar Pistorius Sentencing Live Stream: Judge's Decision On Reeva Steenkamp Manslaughter Oscar Pistorius could face up to
Sprinter Oscar Pistorius did not have a mental disorder when he killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, according to a psychological
Oscar Pistorius must have his trial adjourned while he undergoes psychiatric assessment, the judge has ruled. Judge Thokozile
Oscar Pistorius read out a Valentine's card from his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, given to him only hours before he shot her