oscar pistorius

The states on Friday is expected to appeal to have Oscar Pistorius' jail term lengthened.
"The 'film' is a gross misrepresentation of the truth."
Las Vegas massacre leaves 58 dead, why OR Tambo is probably turning in his grave and an Oscar Pistorius movie trailer is too much for some people.
"Just watched the Oscar Pistorius trailer. Calling it trash would be inadequate."
Will they decide that a 6-year sentence was too lenient?
Last August, Pistorius denied trying to kill himself after he was treated in hospital for wrist injuries.
"Last week we had to hear that he had committed suicide, now this."
"It has been four years, but it feels like yesterday for June and Barry. You never get over something like this."
Oscar Pistorius has been treated at a private hospital after sustaining injuries in prison. The disgraced Paralympian was