Oscars 2014

Only a year later, and John Travolta has finally let us in on what was going through his mind when he made the faux pas heard
From photobombs to selfies, politicians to Popes - well, the Pope - we look back at the year in pictures. Silly pictures
The only thing better than the picture of Benedict Cumberbatch photobombing U2 on the Oscars red carpet? The video of him
As I write this I have no internet access at home and my data has just ran out. It happens when you move houses. Apparently. But it is quite fitting as I want to discuss a behaviour that pre dates even the internet itself...
From photobombs to selfies - via politicians and Popes (well, just the one Pope) - we round up seven days' worth of silly
It was quite the week on Twitter, oh yes. Ellen DeGeneres' Oscars selfie broke the record for the most retweeted photo ever
She may be the new golden girl of Hollywood, but it seems not everyone has fallen for the charms of Jennifer Lawrence. In
'Gravity' just broke another record. In surprising news for a film that you'd think could only be properly enjoyed on the
We really hope he doesn't mess it up this time... SEE ALSO: The 12 Funniest Moments From The Oscars (Via The Daily What)
Not only did Ellen Degeneres's Oscar selfie become the most retweeted ever but it's now had the honour of being turned into