As more and more stories of human trafficking appear in newspapers and on television, consumers are increasingly asking what they can do to fight this problem. Many are frustrated, and feel disconnected from the people who make the clothes they wear or pick the fruit they eat, toiling in foreign countries and even on distant continents thousands of kilometres from the stores and markets where the products are sold...
Hopes for an independent investigation of the MH17 crash site soon have been dashed, after Dutch experts due to go cancelled
The shadowy world of human trafficking is one area where such outrages still occur, with victims raped, imprisoned, held against their will and abused in a number of ways such that we can compare it to, and even consider it to be, a form of torture.
Last month, Scotland's police made a radical policy shift, announcing they would no longer seek to prosecute people brought to the UK to work against their will. This shift is crucial: a "victim focused" approach is needed, if we want to achieve better results in the fight against human trafficking.
Compulsory Holocaust Studies and related school trips have contributed to minimising right-wing anti-Semitism in the playground. Positive curriculum material in history could help significantly reduce Islamophobia.
The Russian election was "clearly skewed" in favour of Vladimir Putin, according to the independent Organisation for Security