We are now at the stage where the international community recognises the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons’
The road to Oslo for the Nobel Peace Prize Awards ceremony was not the easiest, but we are now at the stage where the international
Flea and secondhand markets are no longer only places for buying antiques. They also attract environmentally conscious, modern people and indirectly help nature by recycling used items. Take a look at the 5 best places for shopping sustainably this season in Oslo.
While Indonesia's relations with Scandinavian countries have not received sufficient attention, our short visit to Norway recently showed that the ties between the two countries have witnessed a series of quite, yet important, developments in the recent years.
David Cameron is fairly clear about many things. For example, he hates The Human Rights Act. He loves dropping bombs on Syria
We shot beverages of high alcohol content in Norway from vessels the size of an average household vase. After several of these refreshments we challenged some of our newly acquired Scandinavian acquaintances to a friendly game of their national sport, Shuffle-Board.
Easter is a great time to take advantage of the long weekend and go exploring a new city; as Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday are Public Holidays in many countries, there are some restrictions on what you can do due to limited opening hours, but this should not deter you.
And Here Are The Ten LEAST Expensive Cities In The World To Live In... Singapore has been named the world’s most expensive
Police in Norway have rejected a lengthy complaint from Anders Breivik, who said that his treatment in jail – including the
What would you do if you saw a little boy sat at a bus stop shivering without a coat? That was the scene set up by a hidden