They are vital to their environment, which is good enough reason to help conserve them, along with the added reason of us humans having a soft spot for them.
I have a confession to make. Otters are my animal obsession! This is nothing new. Since early childhood they have been my favourite animal. It started as a six-year old boy - soon after choosing Tarka the Otter in the video rental store.
Need a bit of respite from all the general election coverage? You've come to the right place. Just watch this pair of adorable
It seems that Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged. So we had to do this - with a tip of the hat, of course, to Red Scharlach
Cementing their reputation as the world’s most awesome creatures, this otter was quite the gentleman after a tourist dropped
And the results are, perhaps unsurprisingly, both cacophonous and brilliant. As the National Zoo in Washington, DC explains
Otters may be adorable little critters who hold hands when they sleep, but you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of
No, really. A gif of these cute Chester Zoo critters appeared at the weekend on Reddit (see below) - but the original video
This isn't the first 'otter juggling rocks' video we've featured, and we doubt very much that it will be the last. But we
You may remember Kotsumekawauso the otter from this little video, in which he collected drinks from a vending machine. Well