Out To Lunch

Our Government should follow the French example and send a clear message to restaurant chains that piling pounds into pockets by piling pounds onto waistlines is simply not acceptable, and that action must be taken to ditch the sugary drinks and include fruit-based pudding options. It's time that high street restaurants cleaned up their act and prioritised our children's health.
Many a meal and tantrum later we together came to a conclusion that will come as no surprise to most parents. As one fed-up family put it: "these restaurants would go out of business if they treated their grown-up guests the same."
As a step in the right direction, we're calling for all restaurants, pubs and cafes to give the option of children's portions of adult meals as standard, offered on the menu, not just for those who feel able to ask. we want children to be treated the same, if not better, than adults. It's time for kid's meals to grow up.