Outa says Zuma cannot be part of the solution to crime when he was part of the cause.
"She is bold and courageous," said OUTA CEO Wayne Duvenage.
A significant victory for public interest litigation, believes OUTA.
Perpetrators of state capture -- stealing tax money, ruining good people's lives -- must all go to jail, says Outa.
Residents have until January 12 to comment on the additional charge amid devastating drought in Cape Town.
Outa supporters claim ANN7 peddles "fake news" and pro-Zuma propaganda. 
Tariff hikes could be one way to prevent insolvency, says Treasury.
“We have become immune to the word million because we are now used to billions. The rot at Eskom is unbelievable; billions have been stolen.”
"Changes in 2001 to the way Eskom was allowed to procure coal had opened up opportunities for corruption."
The department of communications says the absence of a board has not affected operations.
“Anoj Singh has been invaluable for the Gupta empire and has bent over backwards to pave the way for lucrative deals."
It's fair to say e-tolls in Gauteng have been a massive financial failure-- here's how they plan to resurrect the scheme.
The affidavit contains the names of at least 14 other people,
The charges relate to Mosebenzi Zwane's alleged relationship with the Gupta family.
According to the affidavit, the communications minister sent two confidential emails.
The ANC says civil society organisations have been invited to the its policy conference . . . but we can't find them.
The entire e-toll saga has been a sham from the very beginning.