outdoor exercise

When surveyed, the things that people say are important to them are not gold and silver, but rather health, happiness and family. I reflected on that when sitting down working out what to buy my daughters for their birthdays. Was chocolate and more Paw Patrol DVD's the answer?
I am often asked what are the top places to exercise outdoors in the UK, what exercise are these places great for, and how can you take advantage of it. Through my work with outdoor footwear brand Merrell, and time spent competing and training for ultra-marathons, I've experienced some very special places.
Friends and memories are made. It is an experience not to be missed. But what can increase your chances of success on the day? What can heighten your confidence heading to the start line? A few simple tips can help you secure the warm glow of a successful finish.
Obviously the dark nights and cold weather bring their own challenges in terms of preparing to head out with a baby, and the clothing you use has a huge impact on their enjoyment of each trip, but I've been amazingly impressed with how well our 8-month-old lad has adapted to the changing seasons.
If you're bored with the gym, lacking motivation to exercise, or simply finding exercise too much like hard work, then the great outdoors may be the perfect antidote. You don't need a national park on your doorstep to enjoy the great outdoors: countryside; forests; seaside; parks; and even gardens offer the same positive benefits to your exercise programme.
'Outdoor' is the new 'indoor'. The rise of 'Green Exercise' has led to the development of a range of new and exciting ways to make the most of nature's gym. Here are five of my favourite outdoor fitness trends for 2016/17.
You've set yourself a challenge. You have taken advice and chosen a goal personal to you, something you have always wanted to achieve, and made sure it is challenging but achievable. Now it is time to deliver but, you have a history of letting your training demons take over and wreck your chances of success.
Transferring just one of your weekly workouts to the outdoors can bring a new edge to your routine, introducing a sense of adventure and stimulating an adrenalin boost. It can take you back to thoughts of endless hours spent running about playing and exploring when you were young but more importantly it lets you enjoy your body again.
Since I'm a father myself I can confirm this: time flies. It's such a precious time. And your children are only little once. Before you blink twice they've grown up and go their ways. You'll still be part of their life (hopefully), but it's nothing compared with the first years.
You may not be on a beach in Thailand, but being outdoors amongst the grass, the trees, and the pitter patter of laughing children can help improve overall wellbeing and mental health. It sure beats facing a grey wall on the treadmill.