‘Outlander’ star Richard Rankin has spilled the beans on what fans can expect from his increased role in the third series
Women have always changed the world - we are ourselves, history - but those changes require action. It might be marching. It might be holding the line in a twitter debate. For me, it's finding ways to help change how women feel about themselves. The hands-down best feeling was hearing my MP wore Damn Rebel Bitches at Westminster when she had to make a speech. I watched the (mostly male) benches opposite her, braying, and I knew the Jacobite women would have been proud.
His role of Jamie Fraser has brought him a huge global fanbase.
Never mind ‘Game of Thrones’, for some bingey box-set fans, it’s all about ‘Outlander’, the Amazon Prime drama set in the
The concept of time travel has been a popular science-fiction staple ever since H.G. Wells wrote 'The Time Machine' in 1895