Oval Office

Out with Winston Churchill, in with Cesar Chavez.
RIP, little red button that Trump pressed to get his 12 Diet Cokes a day.
"Dear Joe, Man Person TV Airplane Me Bye-Bye," one person speculated the ex-president wrote.
He also accidentally gave out his iPhone password live on TV.
The New York Post called out President Donald Trump and reality TV star Kim Kardashian over their meeting at the White House on Wednesday.
Upon leaving office, former President Barack Obama left his successor President Donald Trump a letter that he left on the
Posing with a lacy fan, his head cocked at an angle and sporting a rainbow LGBT pin, gay teacher Nikos Giannopoulos made
The man accused of manipulating the election intervenes.
Vladimir Putin has said he’ll release a transcript of what Donald Trump said to Russian officials in the Oval Office, as