over 50s

The human face is the only part of the body where the muscles are attached directly to the skin instead of bones and each time we react to people or situations we tighten our lips, flicker our eyelids, smile, or frown in response.
I was 49 when we moved to LA. Long gone were the years when I might have had the confidence to carve down the boardwalk on
Older women are barely visible on TV because of a "combination of ageism and sexism", it has been claimed. New figures released
Although Italian men may shiver at the thought of their mammas hitting the dating scene, two British brothers have no such
Harry Maxwell was the only person to recognise that over 50s can be people like his parents. For this reason and this reason alone he would be the one I would select. None of the other contestants demonstrated any understanding of the potential differences between a 50 year old and a 'pensioner'.