overcoming fear

"Welcome home", I was told with a smile as I stepped into CasaSandra after a mammoth 20 hour journey from London to Holbox Island and it felt like home. All my worries and apprehension were washed away the moment I walked up the candlelit footpath of the boutique hotel. My Mexican adventure had begun.
What I have to regularly remind myself is that people will judge you whether you worry about their opinions or not, so you may as well do what you want to do. Plus, when you think about it, worrying about the opinion of others is actually incredibly self-indulgent because it's based on the assumption that you are important enough to others that they even care about what you're up to.
At some point in your life you have to slap yourself and tell yourself that there is no point living in fear. Yes I know that it is impossible to live without fear but did you know that it IS possible to conquer it!?! Just step outside that comfort zone that protects you and see how far you can go.
It is not an event for the elites. Anyone any age, shape, size and disability can take part. I have seen people take part who are in wheelchairs, who are missing limbs, who are 60 plus and people who are not running to achieve a personal best. No one judges, everyone (and literally I mean everyone) wants to see you do well. This is not only the marshals but the other runners too.
When you have cancer, the last thing that you want to deal with are the petty disputes and drama that emotionally toxic people bring to your life. You have bigger things in your plate. It is time to delink yourself from energy vampires, time wasters, people who promise but don't deliver.
Nervous sensations can often be transformed into positive excitement. Things going wrong can often be turned round to work in your favour, by acknowledging the problem and seeing the funny side of it.
When you are in the midst of a crisis it can be really difficult to see this as you are focused on resolving or dealing with whatever challenges you are facing. However when we look back over past experience we can see there is always good that comes from difficult situations.
Have you ever been in such a difficult situation that you've not known what to do or where to turn? Sometimes life can present us with these situations that really test us on every level, causing us to find within ourselves everything we have in order to overcome them.
Just as vulnerability is helpful in the right doses, so is failure.
bmm banner.jpg I now take time, when sliding or emerging from that chasm in my mind, to research depression as a social and psychological phenomenon, as well as my own personal brand. As my understanding has grown, the shroud of mystery has begun to unravel.