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The UK is withholding £21 million of aid earmarked for Rwanda amid concerns that the state is supporting rebels in the Democratic
Global climate change is sending developing countries back into poverty after years of progress with children the biggest
The government is set to announce that it will slash the £280m aid budget to India amidst criticism that giving vast sums
David Cameron's commitment to spend 0.7% of GDP on overseas aid is "nonsense", according to a senior Tory backbencher. David
As the dust starts to settle on David Cameron's reshuffle Justine Greening will be starting to make Andrew Mitchell's old office at the Department for International Development (DFID) her own.
Her family is badly affected by the Sahel Food Crisis and her father has gone to Lagos, Nigeria, in search of work after successive years of crop failures. Aissa knows all about poverty and her chances of lifting herself from it were dashed last year when she was forced to leave school.
Vaccines are also highly cost-effective compared to the cost of medical treatment and the loss of potential and productivity through death and ill-health. For scarcely more than the price of a large cup of coffee, for example, a child can be vaccinated against five major childhood killers including diphtheria and tetanus.
A £1bn programme of British aid for education in three east African countries has failed to teach basic reading, writing
When European leaders sit at the negotiating table they must remember the lives already transformed by aid and consider the millions still in need.
It is one of Africa's cruelest ironies that as the planting season begins, as it is now across much of the continent, so does the hunger season. The food stocks from the previous harvest are running low and it will be several months before the next harvest comes in. In this crisis, nearly one billion people go to bed hungry every night...