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Will Ferrell has responded to criticism over Benedict Cumberbatch’s ‘Zoolander 2’ character, defending the ‘Sherlock’ star’s
Benedict Cumberbatch’s appearance in the forthcoming ‘Zoolander’ sequel has sparked a backlash from LGBTQ advocates, who
Like "Mean Girls" everywhere, Owen Wilson knows a well-delivered whisper can cut deep. The brilliant brains over at Owenergy
A video supercut released by Owenergy has shone the spotlight on a cinematic elephant in the room - Owen Wilson's recycling
Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson took to the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday, to officially announce the upcoming 'Zoolander
In the latest instalment of 'Night at the Museum', Ben Stiller returns as Larry Daley, the unfortunate night watchman who
A fire has ripped through the set of Owen Wilson's latest film 'The Coup' in Thailand. Owen and his co-stars Pierce Brosnan
It sounds like the plot from a romantic comedy but Owen Wilson is believed to be having a baby with his personal trainer
Two participants taking part in a Google internship have offered Huffington Post an exclusive first look at their revolutionary
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