Oxfordshire County Council

David Cameron with his mother, Mary, at Wimbledon in 2013 Mrs Cameron, a retired magistrate, told the Daily Mirror: "My name
I think the people of Oxfordshire would welcome your further engagement with the PM on their behalf and with local activists on these matters. I personally look forward to your thoughts on how best to capitalise on what has now become a national talking point, and how we can use this new focus in the best interests of Oxfordshire residents and other similarly concerned groups across the country.
More than 100 Labour town hall leaders are to inundate David Cameron with requests for No.10 meetings in a fresh bid to highlight
The five things you need to know on Thursday November 12, 2015... 1) DAVE V DAVE The Oxford Mail’s scoop revealing the PM
The scale of sexual abuse of children in Oxfordshire has prompted the local police force to admit it feels "ashamed" of its
We know it's been raining cats and dogs, but the wet weather must have had an extra oomph to cause this huge crack in the