Expelled former PAC president Letlapa Mphahlele was among a group of people who disrupted an SABC Morning Live broadcast for Human Rights Day at the Sharpeville cemetery,
However, the PAC also warned against those encouraging illegal land occupations.
No-one expects that the next Government will have an easy time. But remarkably, despite an almost inevitable backdrop of more cuts in public services, politicians are queuing up to embrace the ongoing festering sore of more delays and more billions on a project, only wanted by those planning to rake in those billions. All the evidence shows HS2 will be a disaster, but what do politicians care about evidence?
"There is no such a thing as being too young to carry the baton of the quest of the revolution."
According to the PAC, Motsamai will be opening a car wash to help him and other unemployed youths.
Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) only uses top talent on its cards. It was no surprise then that we witnessed 'The Villain
The first female on our list and one of the premiere talents on the scene, Kay Lee was put through the initial stages of British Boot Camp for good reason. A veteran of the ring, Ray cut her teeth in ICW but has global experience.
Big accountancy firms are using "insider knowledge" gained from Treasury staff to help companies and wealthy individuals
Justin Bieber is being accused of animal cruelty after presenting a screaming fan with his pet hamster. The gifting took