From life-size plastic cows to dolls and suits of armour, it's all in a day's work for these removals experts.
Travel and mental health experts examine the common tendency to delay and ways to stop stalling post-holiday.
These are the essentials that flight attendants always carry with them when they fly.
I love traveling. In fact, I love flying. The flight before the holiday has so much anticipation that I would say it's the most exciting part of the trip. However, for some first-time travelers, the flight and preparation can be stressful.
via GIPHY 9. Take that extra blanket, even if it is mid-July. Trust us, someone always gets cold.   via GIPHY HuffPost UK
Flying pre-children was a much under-appreciated pleasure: a little solo packing, an amble around the airport shops, perhaps a little light dinner with a first holiday glass of wine and then a leisurely stroll to the gate.
Universal fact: Small people come with a lot of crap. Wherever you go, the small people go, and too their crap. But going on holiday? You need a week off just to pack the crap.
Have you ever opened up your suitcase to find that your shoes and socks have left a not so great smell on your clothes; maybe you forgot an adapter and can't charge your phone? Or you wound up losing every single bobby pin and accessory you brought with you?
Yes, having the perfect venue/flowers/dress/cake/invites/guest list is super important, but when it's all over - and believe me, it goes very quickly - you want the best honeymoon possible to look forward to.