For a lot of us survivors every anniversary is poignant and this has not lessened with the passing of the years. When we first all met in 2000, at the inaugural meeting of the Paddington Survivors Group, we were much the same though the memories then were still fresh in our minds, the pain of what had happened still raw.
What is marketing? The Charted Institute of Marketing defines it as "the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably." It's a little dry but the essentials are covered...
My book's journey started about five years ago, a decade after the Paddington Train Crash which changed my life. At first, I sat at my office desk and dutifully typed up the events that had occurred since the crash, rather as I type up a proposal for a project I am about to manage, until I had a finished product.
On 5 October 1999 I caught a train from Reading into Paddington to attend a training course in pursuit of my thirst for knowledge. My train crashed headlong into a Thames Turbo coming out of Paddington at over 130mph and a fireball ripped through the carriage I was in. I was severely burnt, was in a coma for three weeks, came close to death and spent almost three months in hospital. When I was well enough to come home I was wearing an acrylic mask to help heal the burns to my face and became known as 'The Lady in the Mask'.