Dear Winston Matthews, Words simply cannot express how I felt when I learned of your incarceration.
Scientists believe they have discovered why psychological stress can lead to physical pain. A research team at Carnegie Mellon
We all know that exercise is good for us right? So why are physios and sports therapists earning more money than ever with clinics full of sportsmen and women?
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I started thinking - how often do people put themselves at risk in the pursuit of good health? How often do people end up injured, in hospital or left needing long-term treatment because of skiing or other leisure activities? What's the cost of sporting injuries, both to our health and financially, in comparison to being inactive?
Whether laughter is the best medicine or not evidence certainly suggests it can lend a decidedly helpful hand when managing
People who regularly take slightly too much paracetamol over a period of time to relieve pain could be at a higher risk of