PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The anticipated publication of a UN report on violence aboard a Gaza-bound protest flotilla last year
The reality is that if Obama were really getting tough on Israel he would ardently condemn settlement building and encourage the Palestinian statehood bid.
For a short while it seemed that for once that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was almost fading away from Middle Eastern political centre stage. This illusive calm has had a harsh awakening yesterday in a series of deadly attacks which claimed the lives of 8 Israelis and injuring scores.
Abbas knows that the US does not want to publically veto the motion. He is trying to seize back the political momentum for the first time in years. For the 76 year-old this may really be his last throw of the dice.
Palestine's revolutionaries have both, predominantly formed of young, foreign-educated, middle-class idealists. Their backgrounds allowed them to understand the Occupation from an intellectual perspective.
A procession has been making its way through the foreign offices of the world; it has passed through Russia, Brazil and even
The importance of winning recognition for a Palestinian state is that it begins to redress the imbalance in how both Palestinian and Israeli claims are addressed by the international community.
Thirty four years after Egypt's President Anwar Sadat's historic flight to Jerusalem 'the map' may have become ever more redundant but as a mind-set, for Israel and many of her supporters, it has stood the test of time.
Freedom for Palestine may be a catchy tune, but its simplistic message doesn't chime well with the messy reality in the Middle East.