Mike Flynn resigned as National Security Advisor after The Washington Post exposed his contact with Russian intelligence
Our time at the compound was running out so we spent the last half an hour in the processing room where prisoners are first taken to be charged.  This was a very different atmosphere, partly because it was a much smaller room, but it also seemed to be more menacing. The judge immediately looked uncomfortable when we walked in...
Palestinian deaf children in Gaza want to be heard and given the right to have necessary treatment which can help them to
Theresa May should put Britain's opposition to settlement building in the West Bank centre-stage when she meets Israel's
I’m not sure if Mr Maimane is aware of this, but Israel has a monopoly on human rights violations and an utter disregard for international law.
The South African government maintains a relationship with the Jewish state, and supports a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine.
Hundreds of women - Israeli and Palestinian, secular and religious, young and old - all marching in white. They marched from Metula on Israel's Lebanese border, from the Arab town of Umm al-Fahm, from Tel Aviv and from Eilat. They marched through the streets of Jerusalem; they marched to the banks of the Jordan River near the Dead Sea.
To paraphrase Kafka's most famous line, one might almost say that one day the country of Israel awoke to discover it had been transformed into a gigantic security state which routinely sets aside basic human rights. Except that no such sudden metamorphosis has taken place. In truth Israel has been acting this way for a very long time.
‘According to Google, Palestine does not exist.'
Thousands of people are calling on Google to “reinstate” Palestine after reports the state was deleted from its maps service