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A students' union is considering legal action over an email emanating from the email address of its former diversity officer
NEW YORK -- An American blogger and activist, who was banned from entering the UK, is suing the Washington Metropolitan Area
NEW YORK -- An American far-right activist, who was banned from Britain 2013 after a personal intervention from Home Secretary
There were around 150 people at the event. "Flags, flags, flags, flags..." ...which he was peddling for $10. And this Panama
He believes the European Union was conceived by Nazi Germany, suggests the Bilderberg Group is a "shadow world government
NEW YORK -- The UK's streets are no stranger to bus sign controversies, with religious, atheists and anti-gay advertisements
There's been ups and downs, laughs and tears, but the trans-Atlantic friendship between the former EDL leader Tommy Robinson
The former leader of the English Defence League Tommy Robinson has vowed to continue his association with controversial anti
Far-right English Defence League (EDL) supporters have been threatened with arrest if they gather at the site where soldier
More than 2,000 people have signed a petition to overturn the Home Secretary's ban on two "anti-Muslim hate group" leaders