In this case, for example, the word "slave" was part of an original quote by activist Emmeline Pankhurst, who led the suffragette campaign to give women the vote. It has precisely zero to do with what happened over several centuries between Africa and the Americas.
The Church of England once used to be described as the Conservative party at prayer. It's been a week where both institutions have made welcome strides towards equality, whether long overdue or not. Elizabeth and Emmeline would be proud.
The Suffragette movement may have begun more than one hundred years ago, but the bravery and selflessness of the women involved
As a species, we are left with a great deal of confusion. Confusion in that it's acceptable to joke that all Australians 'throw shrimp on the barbie' or all Welsh people engage in sexual relations with sheep but not acceptable to stereotype or joke about people of Asian or black descent.
I can just imagine the suffragettes looking at the world we live in now, rolling up their sleeves to log onto their laptops and tablets, signing online petitions, tweeting and - ever their favourite - getting out there to march 'shoulder to shoulder'.
What would Emily Wilding Davison think about feminism in the UK today? It's 100 years since the suffragette died, crushed
Dr Helen Pankhurst, 48, is the great-granddaughter of Emmeline and Sylvia Pankhurst (leaders of the Suffragette movement
We must - consistently - support women in Afghanistan who are working at great personal peril to ensure that their government supports the building of a more democratic and decent society. Our government must also use its influence to ensure that Afghani women's voices are centre stage rather than side-lined or given tokenistic and ineffective attention.