This is the moment that a woman set fire to her own parachute whilst falling in mid-air during a sky dive. Brianne Thompson
A Red Devil parachutist had a lucky escape after his chute failed to open during an airshow - leaving a team-mate to catch
So you're standing at the open bay door of a plane at 10,000 feet, you jump out and experience the thrill of freefall. Then
You see those buildings? You see that gap? You see the person with the parachute filming the video? Yep.
BASE jumper Sebastian Alvarez is clearly a man who -- if he did ever known fear -- has since placed that fear inside a titanium
If you're going to attempt to tightrope walk between two hot air balloons, you might as well wear a GoPro head camera while
A parachuting Belgian Shepherd is the newest recruit in an elite crime fighting air force unit. Jany plummets more than 1,000ft
An inventor has demonstrated a new parachute which can open after just 100 feet, and could be used as a last-ditch escape
A 56-year-old man died after his parachute apparently failed to open during a jump. The accident happened at Strathallan
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